Want to get more Customers from the Internet?

New Software Uses A.I. To Turn Your List Into Appointments And Customers.

Our sole focus is on one thing: helping you get more customers from the Internet ...consistently. 

How We Get Results

New Software Uses AI
To Turn Your List Into Customers.

If you want more customers from the Internet ...consistently ...we can definitely help. See why this is different and better than anything else you might have tried before.

Done -For -You Social Media Ads

Setting up Social Media ad campaigns is hard. Setting up good ones is even harder. We'll do it for you and we'll do it for a bargain.


The best place to start is with my book. It shows you how to create internet campaigns that SELL ...and help people at the same time. 



Here are some presentations from big fancy events, some good interviews, and some helpful content.

More added regularly. (Sort of regularly anyway)

On-Demand Classes

Here's my latest on-demand class called "How To Build A List ...And Sell Them Stuff Fast".


Listen. This is good stuff. 

100% usable advice ...not a bunch of interviews, not filler ...just rock-solid advice you can use. NOW. 


Not blog posts. Articles. 

As in, "stuff that will help you." 

Want to create Internet campaigns that sell?

You need to read my book.

Obligatory Self-Aggrandizing Statement Beside An Older Photo Where I Look Younger And Slimmer Than I Actually Am:

Well. That's me. The guy on the left.

Except that picture is about eight years old. So I'm older looking and ...umm ...more "well fed" looking these days.

Anyway, I've been creating winning Internet campaigns since 1999.

Pretty good ones, too.

But there's no point in droning on and on about all that.

If you want to know if I'm a good fit for you, have a listen to some of the podcast episodes.

Maybe read an article or watch a video.

If you find it helpful, we're probably a good match.

If not, that's OK too.

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